Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lara Croft likes to call me "collect"

Day 13
13 days in a row with a completed game

Friday 1/30/09
Tomb Raider Underworld: I enjoyed everything about this game except for one thing...collecting all 179 treasures. It was a pain! Your first play through will eat up some time due to the treasures. I did it on easy first, then replayed it on Master Survivalist for the final achievement. Second play through on hard only took a few hours, maybe 3. I've never been a big fan of the Tomb Raider games, but I had a lot of fun with this one. I highly recommend this game. There were a few bugs I did notice, Lara will get stuck in the ground a lot. What you must do if this happens is just shoot. Another strange bug was an invisible Lara, needless to say it's very hard to jump around on poles and whatnot when this happens. Hopefully the upcoming downloadable content doesn't have you collect a bunch of garbage for achievements. If you do play it, see if you can resist picking the short shorts jungle outfit 100% of the time.

Final achievement obtained in Tomb Raider Underworld

A completed game a day stands at:13

Friday, January 30, 2009

Two for the price of one

Day 11 & 12

12 days in a row with a completed game.

The Wednesday game 1/28/09

Battlefield: Bad Company: First I will answer a question. 975 is the max in Battlefield. The game was released June 23, 2008, over 7 months ago. The I am Bad Company achievement is glitched. One of the online awards will not unlock, The Wild Card: Top Squad Wild Card. 975 is the max for everybody at the moment and therefore a completed game. If someone has this achievement, they hacked it. Okay, enough about all that. 5d, 23hr, 44min, 34sec later this game is a completed one. That is online play time folks. I love this game, one of my favorite MP games ever. If you like huge maps and blowing stuff up, this is your game. I did most of my damage on foot, I never maned the helicopter enough to get it down. I could go on and on about this game because I have 150 hours worth of memories. I hope a sequel is being made, I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Final achievement obtained in BF:BC

This move will be forever known as " The Omega"

The Thursday game 1/29/09

Pirates vs Ninjas Dodge ball: A waste of time if your not going for gamerscore. It's a good thing it only takes about 3 hours for the full 200.

Final achievment obtained in Pirates vs Ninjas

Complete a game a day streak stands at: 12

Thursday, January 29, 2009

All your messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

xX T3h Joker Xx writes:
i can get u banned anytime you know. i have proof of you cheating. on your blog

Answer: You again? Don't test me fool. I'll block you faster than Dikembe Mutombo.

mclinton92 writes:
haha. i think there should be an achievement list about your life. 20g to get onto your blog, 100g to get on your friends list. being reading your blog, good stuff dude. keep up the good work, and for all the americans who think you gamesave?puck em.

Answer: Achievement Unlocked. 20 points for you Sir.

RockingSteven34 writes: i beat i can kick your ass in halo 3 and if u wanna prove me wrong send me a message an we will face

Answer: I bet my dad could beat your dad up! Why don't you play a real mans game like My horse and me 2. Anytime, anyplace, Nubcookie.

SIELNT GAZ writes: your like a best gamer around. how the hell are you recreational? your hardcore underground turbo gamer lol

Answer: I'm recreational. I don't take online gaming too serious, I just play to have fun. Don't get me wrong I love to win, but I don't have to play with the best gamers and I don't scream at people when they mess up. Pro gamers tend to do that kind of thing or people that think they are pro.

OnEdEcK writes: STALLION! you are a trooper! how many hits you get on your site?.. i think your an official celeb now! Keep popin! see you in the next OK! mag then.

Much Love OnEdEcK

A lot more than I ever expected. Started out with around 200-300 unique people a day to now over 1,000 unique a day.

SPaSTiC LlaMA writes: I am intrested in buying your account well above of what you might think. I am prepared to give you $15,000 for Stallion83. Email me at if your intrested.

Answer: I took out this guys email address. But sorry man, I'm not willing to part ways with my gamertag. 50 grand is a serious offer, but I don't even think that would be enough.

Lucky10ace writes:
im callin cheat on your gamerscore. 1000 on fallout3? with all the side missions that would take easily over 50 hours not to mention achievements for good bad and neutral karma.Played through 3 times? doubt it cheater

Correction. If you save the game before you hit a karma level achievement you can walk different paths. So no, you don't have to play it three times. I can't remember my exact play time but it was around the 40 hour mark.

SkorpionMandl writes: kannst du mich bitte einlade

Answer: This can't be good.

JFriZz0424 writes: i dont judge but do you consider yourself a gamer? running through on games. like for example if it wasnt for gamer score would you play cars? or avatar? maybe if your a young kid but if you are woudl you play the violent games on top of that?
2nd message: i dont care what your doing it just confuuses me why waste the time on games you wouldnt enjoy but hey what ever floats your boat man good luck

Answer: No I wouldn't play avatar or cars if there were no achievements. I like getting achievements, whats so hard to understand about that? Some people like to collect stamps, but who am I to judge?

A 2rue boofer writes: hey stallion Funny story last night my friends were in a quantom of solace match and they were like dude why isnt this stallion guy playing and I was like wait stallion83 and they said yes I was like omg dude he is ranked number 1 in the world in gs
2nd message: then they screamed like little girls and took pictures hahah heres the link to one of my friends pictures hope you like it and you are a gaming legend to me :)

Answer: haha. When you first sent me this I was hoping they were all standing by my character in the match, while someone else took the picture. Funny stuff though.

King Zango07 writes: Hey man great job on the gscore....quick question thogh i read the negative stuff on 1milliopgamerscore and what is gamesaving.I've never heard of it b4 and my friends tell me i play bitch games cuz i have more completed than they do.good luck on1mil

Answer: Thanks. Gamesaving is basically when a person takes someone elses save file and uses it as there own to unlock achievements. A save spot right before an achievement unlocks. Gamesaving is not Stallion approved, it is dirty and cheap.

Fai1 B0at Frank writes: just wondering is there any game on your gamercard that you played for fun not achivments iam just curios

Answer: Of course my man, I've been gaming since I was 4. I like to game and I like the achievements.

SensitiveWog writes: u have the highest gamerscore in the world.ur my hero,i love u :)

Answer: My birthday is coming up soon. Send Microsoft points! XOXO

El Ja50n 14 UK1 writes: how u get that high score can u get me 45806

Answer: You are on the right path. Think in blocks of 45,806, thats key.

Dikon67 writes: You played a cricket game and your American? Wow! Never knew they even sold cricket games in America haha. Grats on the gamerscore and nice blog.

Answer: Thanks. No, they don't sell that crap here. It was a mistake on my part playing that junk. I own a PAL 360.

SIayton writes: Where did you get your Gamertag from?

Answer: I love the Rocky movies. ItalianStallion.

Lord Jim 545 writes: If you get to 1,000,000 gamerscore, are you going to stop?

Answer: I have no clue, we'll see what happens.

DAMO RAM80 writes: Hi there, just wanted to stay what a legend you are. I don't think people understand fully what you have accomplished. Its taken me ages to get to 50k :( Oh yeah Get some more points in viva pinata its an easy game :P Good luck buddy!!!!!

Answer: Thanks man. I know viva is easy, I'm just waiting on apple sauce to send me some crates filled with candy goodness.

DarkTemptation5 writes: where did u get your gamerpicture from? i like it

Answer: It's a free gamerpicture. It is from the HBO TV show Entourage. Watch it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feed me Stalmour, feed me all night long

Day 10

Ten days in a row with a completed game. Tuesday 1/27/09

The Maw: The perfect single player xbox live arcade game. It is easily one of my top 5 xbox live arcade games. You basically lead The Maw around the levels like a dog and have this purple people eater munch on everything and anything in your path. The 200 gamerscore points is easily obtained in around 4 hours or less of play time. I did not want this game to end and apparently my wish will be granted. New DLC levels are on the way, three of them. They will also come with shiny new achievements. I will buy this content the very day it comes out. Twisted pixel has a bright future ahead of them, they get it. It was totally worth the 10 bucks.

Final achievement obtained in The Maw.

The Maw is somewhat similar to this fellow.

Complete a game a day streak stands at: X

Monday, January 26, 2009

This cat has nine lives

Day 9

9 days in a row with a completed game. Monday 1/26/09

Track & Field
: The first old school console game on the complete a game a day world tour list and it may be the only one to rear it's fugly head. It's a pretty easy game overall, not sure why I didn't finish it a long time ago. The high jump was giving me some fits while going for the perfection achievement. I would qualify on all events during all 3 rounds, then I got to the high jump and I would do the first two jumps perfect. I proceeded to muck up on the final one for the achievement. I did it twice in a row, but I kept my cool and took a deep breath. Six tries later, achievement unlocked! 200 in Track & Field. So, the worst thing you have to do is master the high jump. It may take a little bit of time to get some practice in on the high jumps, it is the final event. It all comes down to a little repetition.

Final achievement obtained in Track & Field

Complete a game a day streak stands at: IX

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Streakage continues: Lap 2

Day 8

Eighth game down. 1/25/09

NPPL Championship Paintball 2009:I'm not going to say much about this one, as there isn't much to say. It's not a good game. The single player is very short, it takes only a couple of hours to beat. The loading makes it take longer than it should. The multiplayer takes around 10 hours to complete. For the full 1,000 it will take you 12-14 hours.

Final achievement obtained in paintball.

One thing I did learn, this is called getting gogged.

Here is a picture from the Career completed times leaderboard.

You need 3 other people to start a multiplayer match up and like I said before it takes 10 hours. You learn a thing or two about a person when sitting in a party chat for 10 hours over the course of two nights. Here is what I discovered.
GT: Omega Deez

Gamertag: Majinfro

Gamertag: CRU x360a

Complete a game a day streak stands at: VIII

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lucky number 7

Day 7

Seventh game down. The Saturday game. 1/24/09

Unleash your inner photographer in Sea Life Safari. If you are unsure of what this game is, it's a underwater game where you are on a set path and you take pictures of Sea Life. That's all there is to it. A pretty enjoyable game while it lasts, which is only a few hours. A nice change of pace game.

The final achievement obtained in Sea Life.

I think mixing up arcade games and retail games is rejuvenating me. For the longest time I wasn't even looking to play arcade games. It feels like I have a good balance at the moment. Hopefully I can keep the streak alive for another week. One thing is for sure, I am more motivated now to keep it going.

A little about a games completed streak.
7 days in a row: Bronze Streak
14 days in a row: Silver Streak
21 days in a row: Gold Streak
28 days in a row: Platinum Streak

Yeah, I just made that all up, but it sounds good to me.

Bronze streak completed, currently going for silver.

7 day recap:
1/18/09: Smackdown vs Raw 09
1/19/09: Feeding Frenzy 2
1/20/09: Interpol
1/21/09: Gears of War 2
1/22/09: LOTR: Conquest
1/23/09: Asterix at the Olympic Games
1/24/09: SeaLife Safari

All games were completed on different days on EST.

Complete a game a day streak stands at: 7

Streak keeps a rollin

Day 6

Sixth game down. The Friday game. 1/23/09

Asterix at the Olympic Games: I went into this game blindfolded. I had no prior knowledge to what genre it even was. When I got the game in the mail on Thursday I looked at the box and immediately passed judgment. I thought I was in for a real turd of a game. I was wrong and it turned out to be better than I expected. It's an action adventure platform game to begin with. A decent one at that, not visually, but the controls and camera never hinder your experience. It does have some track & field elements similar to what you would find in the old NES Track & Field game, but for the most part they are not fun. All in all I had a good time with this. Fun and 1,000 gamerscore points in around 5 hours. It's much better than games like Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal. The game is a big joke, it doesn't take itself too serious. It has a really good sense of humor. That's ultimately why I enjoyed my time with it.

If you are wondering, Asterix is a region free game that can be played on your American xbox 360. It just happens that it was not released in the United States, so you might have a hard time tracking it down. Good hunting.

Final achievement obtained in Asterix

Complete a game a day streak stands at: VI

Friday, January 23, 2009

Streak kept a-rollin' all night long With a "achieve!", and "ho!"

Day 5
Gamerscore ho that is.

Fifth game down. The Thursday game 1/22/09

Lord of The Rings: Conquest
: Simply put, not many games out that are as easy as this one. Takes roughly 6 hours to get the full 1,000 points. Campaign taking only a few hours. I enjoyed playing the evil campaign, that is when I started having fun with the game. Not a bad game, should not make any top 10 worst lists, but then again, that's because it is completely forgettable.

Final achievement obtained in LoTR: Conquest

Streak Recap:
Sunday: Smackdown Vs Raw 09
Monday: Feeding Frenzy 2
Tuesday: Interpol
Wednesday: Gears of War 2
Thursday: LoTR: Conquest

A completed game a day streak stands at: 5

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A completed game a day keeps the doctor away: Day 4

Forth game in the books: The Wednesday game. 1/21/09

Gears of War 2: What is there to say? Everybody knows what Gears is. Time it takes to complete 1,000 of 1,000: I would say roughly 30-40 hours. I'm not counting the party like its 1999 achievement in that figure, you can leave your system on overnight if you like. To get seriously 2.0 it does not really take that long, seems longer because it is very boring. Load up Aftermath Closure and kill the first two large groups of enemies. First group is right around the corner, the second group will be running down a hill of sorts further down the path. Use X on both groups, then reload the checkpoint. Make sure you return to the main menu every so often. If you don't go back to the main menu, the kills will not count. Takes 6 minutes per 1,000 kills if you do it right. That is 10 hours total time if you start from 0 kills.

For anyone that wants to accuse me of profile glitching or some crazy nonsense. I brought these instead of a spoon.

Complete a game a day steak stands at: 4

A completed game a day keeps the doctor away: Day 3

Day 3

Third game down. The Tuesday game. 1/20/09

is an extremely easy arcade game if you are playing 4 player co-op. It takes around 2 hours to get the full 200 gamerscore. I would not advise anyone to buy this game for fun, it is crap. I can't see how a game like this can have any replay value. I bought it for gamerscore, but so did the 3 other schmucks that played co-op with me. I love you guys!

My advise, whip out those old Where's Waldo books if you have the urge to find junk that is around other junk.

I just saved you 10 green backs, your welcome.

Star Performer was the final achievement I obtained in Interpol

Complete a game a day streak stands at: 3

Monday, January 19, 2009

A completed game a day keeps the doctor away: Day 2

Day 2

Second game down: The Monday game. 1/19/2009

Feeding Frenzy 2: Easy 200 gamerscore points to be had here. Takes around 6 hours total and nothing about it is hard. For me, it is a relaxing game. Just sit back and eat the bigger fish. A very colorful game, I'm sure younger kids would enjoy it, looks similar to Finding Nemo. I enjoyed this one, I recommend it if you enjoyed the first one.

No Sam Jackson's were harmed during the course of this game. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for A Mother F****** Shark Ate me on XBLA sometime in near future. With co-op munching of the spleen of course.

Complete a game a day steak stands at: 2

A completed game a day keeps the doctor away

Day 1

Since the calender turned I have been one sickly person. Each and everyday I have been sick. From just common cold symptoms, headaches, sensitive to light and sound, and the day I thought my appendix was going to rupture. I am finally starting to feel better and to keep myself feeling good I'm going to complete some games and get back on track. I think fulfillment is good medicine.

So, I made up a new goal for this week that will help me get towards my mini goal of 300k. I want to complete one game everyday for the entire week. I will try to keep the streak alive after the week is up, but I have no clue how long or how far I'm willing to go. I feel pretty good about farming points, I haven't felt this way in months.

First game down. The Sunday game completed. 1/18/2009

Smackdown VS RAW 2009 The game is really easy to get the full 1,000 in, it just takes around 10 hours to get the final achievement. Which is getting 5 superstars into the hall of fame. Overall the game takes about 15 to 18 hours. More than half of that time being a bore. Cindy made it fun at times by screaming, "hit him, kick him in the nuts, smash him with the ladder." Not a terrible game, just not fun acquiring all achievements.

When I say completed games, I mean all achievements in a game. Whether it be retail or arcade.

Complete a game a day streak stands at: Uno

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The good, the bad, and the glitched

First off is my personal glitch list. Some others may have had these glitch on them, but these are not entirely glitched achievements that everyone experiences.

Short Stick Master Achievement in Tiger Woods 06 (50 gamerscore points)

If you don't get this one within the first couple of games, you are screwed.

50 Ranked wins Achievement in Fatal Fury Special (20 gamerscore points)

Somehow this one managed to glitch, I have 100 wins achievement, but not 50.

Chancellor of Catan Achievement in Catan (20 gamerscore points)

I'm 95% sure this one is glitched for me.

Idol Master: Live for you. One achievement glitched on me. The description is in Japanese, but it has something to do with the 13th song. Very strange glitch that never updated but it is listed as unlocked if I bring it up from MY guide. (20 gamerscore points)

Notice 48 of 48 and the highlighted achievement. Never updated to

Glitches that everyone experiences

Enchanted Arms- Asia version. Cannot unlock the final 3 achievements.
Achievements are Happy ending 150pts-close-75pts-Purgatory-75pts
(300 gamerscore points)

NHL 2k7 Revenge achievement, which is score penalty shot (50 gamerscore points)

NHL 2k8 Revenge achievement....again. Same thing. This time worth (40 gamerscore points)

Smash TV Game Master achievement. Which is finish the entire game without continuing.
(50 gamerscore points)

College Hoops 2k7 Individual record breaker 25pts-Team record breaker 25pts-Conquered Legacy 25pts (75 gamerscore points)

Tiger Woods 06 Play some online 10pts-Number 1 200pts (210 gamerscore points)

The Club PC contains two glitched achievements, which are, bag them bones and hidden treasures. Both worth 30 gamerscore points. (60 gamerscore points)

Need for Speed Carbon Urban battle achievement worth (10 gamerscore points)

Battlefield: Bad Company I am Bad Company achievement for getting all 120 online awards. (25 gamerscore points)

Total amount of glitched points: 930 gamerscore

This can be very annoying at times, but it happens to the best of us.

Score whores, Score whores
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
When an achievement glitches on you

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Losing a few steps

March 31st 2007 100,000 achieved
March 3rd 2008 200,000 achieved
300,00 achieved????

Last year at this exact time I had 180,000
. At the moment, I'm about 6,000 behind my previous pace. My pace is about 100,000 every 11-12 months. To reach a total of 100,000 for this year, I'll have to make a wild sprint to the finish. I just don't know if I will make it to 300,000 within a year. Even if I get a reasonable, consistent, 2,000 points per week, I will end up crossing 300,000 in 14 weeks. That would be sometime in late April.

This is actually quite surprising to me, I thought I was on pace. I guess it was my lack of production over the last two months. That gamerscore league I was in and the day that will never be topped by myself wore me out.

To get back on pace is much harder than anyone could imagine, it really will be. Expect me to be extra happy if I do make it on time, because I already know it will be a hard challenge.

Mark March 3rd on your calender. It will be the day when you can either call me a washed up gamerscore whore or a person who accomplished something that was a challenge. For anybody that thinks this is easy, get 274,000 points legit by yourself and then make up challenges to drive yourself. It is a draining experience at times, but this is the life and the road to 1milliongamerscore.

Monday, January 5, 2009

What's up in 2009

Games Games Games. Love em, need em, want em. There are some good games to look forward to in 2009. Just so we are clear, I'm not the type of person who needs to know everything about a game before it comes out. I just need to know what and when. If you read every single preview, look at every single screen shot, and examine gameplay videos second by second. Doesn't that make the game stale before it even comes out? I think it does. I don't usually bother with demos either, more than likely I will play it.

Here are some of the games I can't wait to play in 09.

F.E.A.R. 2
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
Splinter Cell: Conviction (PLEASE UBI)
Fight Night Round 4
Halo 3 ODST
Bioshock 2
New COD?
Alan Awake?
Final Fantasy XIII?
Assassins Creed 2?
Mass Effect 2????

DLC wise:
Fallout 3 takes center stage along with Grand Theft Auto IV

I will buy Uno Rush. Other than that, I have no idea what is coming out in 2009.

What are you looking forward to in 09?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

All your messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

SCUMB4G writes: Thanks for helping me go legit. I was big in the gamesaving scene, but you and former gamesaver Doadea pretty much convinced me to stop gamesaving, with your posts on x360a. Gamesaving is for losers, and is a waste of time!
2nd message: This is my new gamertag, and its 100% legit. I spent way too much time and money not even playing games, but just cheating them. Thanks for helping.

Answer: If you are being sincere then I am happy for you, I'm glad you are enjoying yourself now.

XxJafyxX writes: ciao, ti ho visto su e ho visto la tua scheda giocatore. per fare 270000 punti non basta una vita. ma come diavolo hai fatto? e i giochi li hai o li noleggi? XD

Answer: No comprehenda.

Bananaster80 writes: You should sell t-shirts on the say "This is a Stallion that can't be rode"Good Luck getting 100,000 Gamerscore Ill be rooting for you every step of the way, also is that your Girlfriend or who is that in your twitter pic?

Answer: YEE HAW. I like it. Yeah, that's my girlfriend.

uG x JuiCeBoX writes: ya your totally legit--i love how u hav eragon on there twice
2nd message: and bulletwitch tsktsk
3rd message: stop appearing offline doosh

Answer: I'm the only person in the history of gamerscore and gamercards to have two of any game on my card. I'm also the only person to ever appear offline, so thankfully you don't have to send 2 million more people the message "stop appearing offline doosh"

SS Manson Rules writes: Jordan=GOAT

Answer: I can't argue with that. I'm just in the Kobe is just as good as Jordan section. If we are judging the history of basketball on skills, it is Jordan and Kobe, then everyone else. Wilt is the most dominating force ever. The game was different then and he didn't have the overall skills that MJ and KB have.

Kamakazi Pear writes: Hey, I read all your blogs etc and I must say, I'm bloody impressed. I wish you the best of luck on one million gamerscore, and if you can accept my friends request, it would be great. Well done on 10,000 achievements and don't give up!

Answer: Thanks for reading

KrYP Xx 3o5 writes: yo i was just wonder if u have gamefly or what and does microsoft suspend u a lot cuz they suspendin my other acc for achievement cheatin but ive gotton them all legit

Answer: Yes, I use gamefly. No, microsoft doesn't suspend me.

Vice Destroyer writes: That's a superb score that you have there. Take a look at my bio. I am giving you a shout-out on there. Carry on gaming.

Answer: Thanks. Shout-out back at you.

DONER KEBAB MAN writes: 1 million Gamerscore? thats 1000 games at 1000 gamerscore each! thats like nearly impossible, but not! Im sure in a few years time though you will reach your goal, if you keep going! Just don't give up man!
2nd message:my friend has a GS of 80000, I can't wait to tell him about you, he'll probaly just give up on the spot! seriously though, good luck, your so lucky your Mrs lets you play so much, my girl hates the damn thing, she calls it my mistress!

Answer: Thanks. I've heard it all before. I've heard "you love that xbox more than you love me" None of my 360's have lasted long enough, so I never got to truely know them. You need a good year for that.

xX T3h Joker Xx writes: hey, can you please add me ? i really like adding people that have high gamerscore. i am autistic, so yea....

Answer: I don't even know what to say.

assass1an177412 writes: Just wondering how can you affored to buy all those games you have and play so much are you like a millionare or something ?

Answer: I don't buy all my games, I use gamefly and goozex. I have spent a ton of money on xbox stuff though, I can't even estimate.

KaibaChaos writes: Hi, I go into this shop in England where this guy claims to be your cousin and apparently you are two people controlling the gamertag. He seemed convincing, can I get a confirmation for this? Thanks for your time :)

: This is classic. I would like to know more about this guy. Any details? Please share. Btw, no. What you should say to him is "if you really have control over this tag, change the motto to"I'm king of the England shop name, bow to me"

Gameslayer14 writes: Excuse me sir, You need to stop playing xbox and go get some fresh ait my fellow gamer! Then you may SOmeday get a woman, GRAND!

Answer: I got me a women homeslice. We like to stay inside, outside smells like your upper lip.

Thunder Twist writes: Hey, just want to tell u are a gamer legend! :)

Answer: That's awesome that you think so. I just like my xbox live and achievements. I would describe myself as dedicated.

SYN Reaper55729 writes: Did you start off trying to get high score?

Answer: Nope. I liked the achievements from the get go. As far as trying for a large score, that grabbed me about 2 months after the system was released.

FuNnYGaMeR93 writes: oh mate i guarantee ur score will be beat cunt

Answer: I love xbox live, it's full of bright eyed and bushy tailed people.

XZYOE writes: Hey. just wanted to say I'm happy you're number 1. Glad to see the gamesavers like JAPAN TOP and BB GUNNER and got caught. Hope to see you break 300k, x360a could use another club. good luck to the million though. I admire you, you're legit.

Answer: Thanks. I hope I break that 300k soonish, I've been slacking.

tbell12 writes:hey bud saw the website, if you want an account to do the seriously glitch id be more then happy to lend you one

Answer: Apparently you did not see my site. I don't roll like that.

xESGxNoSc0pE writes: dude u can do it......**** all of the haters who say ur fat and not legit

Answer: Right on

Militant Moth writes: Dude, WOW, Your ******* better than Knuckles Dawson in ripping gamerscore, Ossom man...

Answer: I rip and I ryhme I rhyme and I rip