Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All your messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

WampisPL writes: how could you buy all of these games? PS, racing games are your weak point aren't they?

: I don't buy all my games. Racing games are really not my weak point, I'm actually very good at them when I put the time in.

BuletProofMunky writes
:yes u dirty horrible little shit faced smelly pikey basher:D

SuperNovaXX writes: Hey the name is Brian, I know you get a lot of messages and I hope I get a reply, anyways I just wanted to say you're a true definition of a hardcore gamer and you're an inspiration with your dedication, keep it up man and goodluck!

Answer: Thanks Brian.

KING 4D writes: saw your post on x360 forums and had to give it up to you and that gamerscore, much respect. i was wondering how you know how many achievements you have, bc the new dashboard doesn't tell you?

Answer: Trueachievements has a total achievement tracker. I hope they put it back on the dash myself.

Kahnefan98 writes: R U Bill Gates

Answer: I'm not nerdy enough to be Bill. Bill is the man though, filthy stinking rich and giving it back. That's awesome.

Very Huge O writes: First of all sorry 'bout the friends request Online trying send you messages If I was talking to Kobe I would say get those 3s But to you, you need some 1

Answer: Not sure what you mean here but it seems clever enough.

iMielke writes: i am prepared to give you 1 dolar for a friend request from you.

Answer: Sold. 99 more spots to be auctioned. Friends, don't get mad if you get the boot. I'd even stab Possum in the back for a buck. It's all about the Washington's baby.

supereugene41 writes: you are finally giving up because you are no longer no1, what a waste of 3 years... p.s hahahahah lakers lost wen u went to atlanta

Answer: First off, kiss my ass. Second, who gave you the idea I was giving up? Third, kiss my ass. I just read the message to possum, she said, "Kiss my ass you little twat."

S1N1S7ER writes: I challenge you to a guitar hero battle if i win then your gamerscore is for nothing and I think you have a paper gamerscore. You are my hero... not.

Answer: A paper gamerscore? When did gamerscore become a boxing event?

FFC LALIPRANDO writes: SUCK MY PENISSSSSSS!!!!!!! lol im so ******* happy!

Answer: Is this because I got passed by a few people on mygamercard? I'm guessing that's the reason you are so happy. Good, I'm glad you are happy. You will be sad again, it's just a matter of when.

lucas1987 writes:how in the world do u get people reset. that stupid dmd blackdragon just keeps adding games to his list. and now's he's passed u up and about to pass me on the family genre. these hackers r getting rediculous. i'm glad ur legit at least

Answer: Just give it time man, I'm sure everything will be taken care of eventually.
A 2rue boofer writes: sry didnt mean to send that one and also I wanted to congratulate you on reaching 300k it has been an amazing experience watching you get more gamerscore everyday and also I think i am one of your biggest fans im gunna get a custom t-shirt about you

Answer: Thank you. I need to see a picture of this custom T-shirt if it ever happens.

Puffy Funbags writes: Hey man. Congrats on the 300K. I helped a bit during our online matches for 007, where you fragged me endlessly on our way to the 500 kill cheev. I was GT Hollywood Child then. As a older gamer it's fun to watch all the young n00bs try & diss you. :)

Answer: I can't remember playing against you, but thanks for the congrats and keep on watching the young noobs diss. It will probably never end.

Swift Shadow UK writes:You are a filthy cheating c...... oh wait i thought you were StripClub DJ (the only legit part of him is his small penis) congrats on 300k =)

Answer: zero gamerscore would fall into the small Ewenis category.

VENOM MADNESS writes:Congrats on 300k but, don't you think it's a little tarnished by the fact that you have multiple copies of the same title? 2000 and 3000 points from Enchanted Arms. While I don't consider this cheating it does take something from your achievement.

Answer: No, I do not. There is a great deal of suffering involved when playing through enchanted arms three times. Damn you Rand al, damn you.

Daninthemix writes: you've probably been asked this before - how many 360s have died in your possession?

Answer: I've seen the red rings 10 times. A lot of those were off refurbished machines, but still.

II sOTwisted II writes: Yo Stallion your going down lolz my buddy DarKxMeSsiAs's is going to past you soon lol how does it fell ... haha

Answer: You need a new friend because that one will be sitting on a goose egg soon enough. Do I care? No, I don't care one bit.

MiaMi B3AST writes: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA suks man #2 dnt want 2 get u mad but im the reason Messias past u LOL

Answer: okay, thanks for sharing.

UNIQUE PANDA writes: yo man i'm not sure if you got 300 K yet but if not i'm sure you will shortly haha. congatulations anyway, you inspire me to get my score up haha. btw, i was reading your blog or whatever and i saw all those ppl hating on you. **** them dude your a beast!

A lot of people wrote: Congrats on 300k

Thank you

Monday, March 23, 2009

Swiss Cheese

Changing the way I play for achievements...for now

Grinding game after game after game I've decided to take the whatever whenever approach to gaining achievements and gamerscore. In the past and present I solely focus on a select few games until they are fully completed. Sure, I'm still going to complete most games especially the ones I enjoy. In regards to completion percentage, that will take the hit. So for the time being I'm going to see how I enjoy the new approach. I will always be going back to games and completing them when I'm ready to do so. I just hate forcing the issue when there is something I could be enjoying much more.

I'll give an example of what would happen in the past and what I'm trying to avoid now. I beat a game one time and I hate it. The game has achievements for playing it twice. I could either suffer though the game again or go onto something else. For the time being I'll be moving onto something else unless the game is very short.

A game like Resident Evil 5 I will play to completion 10 out of 10 times.. What I'm essentially doing is picking fun and gamerscore over completion. I think this way I will actually gain more over a period of time because I won't get as stagnant.

Just a test I suppose at least for a couple of months. This is no way me getting sick of achievements, just a way to keep things fresh.

So expect my gamercard to look like Swiss cheese for a bit.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank yous

My thank yous.

Rand al Thor-Once called me the Madam of the achievement whores. I think he has tuned out to be a bigger whore than I am. When Rand first sent me a friend request I thought he was messed up in the head. All he played for a good week was over-g and time pilot. I think we first played Saints Row together. That guy with the pimp coat was cheating or something. lol While playing gears of war 1 I said "Watch out there is a sniper" Rand says " I don't give a **** about no sniper" Half a second later I looked down at rands body and he had no head. Probably the funniest moment in my xbox live history.

The MachiNes
Omega Deez- I'm sorry I got you into the world of achievements. I know my cousin now because of xbox live and achievements. I never got to know him before because we live hundreds of miles apart. We started playing over live in late 2006. I think he had like 16k at the time. Even though he liked achievements, he wasn't addicted. Sorry about that man. It's been fun getting to know you better though.

Majinfro- It's been good getting to know you man. I'll be watching afro samuri and eating steakhouse burgers before you know it. Screw sweet tea though.

Apple-screw you man for making me look like I got reset. Nah, apple is my boy. Thanks for for everything Apple, you've been a big help.

Smrnov aka crown royal- not because he drinks but because he is Canada's finest. Thanks for all the help and tips over the years.

Jedi2332- Gave me the name Stalpwnious Maximus. If I ever change my name, I'll change it to that. We always had a blast playing some online MP together. Even if your aim is slightly off when intoxicated it was always interesting.

Gunny x- We should talk basketball more, your not biased like the turd. Thanks for the good times.

Blind aka A completionist & Kruegur x360a for bickering like my grandparents. always entertaining. lol

Cru doggy dogg for sending me a ton of games. I would still be a few thousand shy if it wasn't for you. Thanks a million!

Kaens- Thanks for making that legit leaderboard way back in the day.

Krazie x360a- Kobe> Lebron It was fun winning a GSL without too much drama. New ranking system in gears 2 so I'll be all over that. Hit me up fool. Thanks for having me on your ghetto podcast, it was interesting.

Joey Jeckel- Thanks for the kind words and support over the years. The epic gamerscore finals battle was one for the ages.Thanks for the banjo code also.

A 2rue Beast-Beast is one crazy mo fo. I like you because you are a straight shooter, as well as beastly.

Thelazywolf-Thanks for sending me those foreign games back in the day. Wolf has always a likable guy.

DJ2e- Thanks for all the help. Kane and lynch was so boring.

DJS33- Kane and lynch was awesome!

JD Buck- Thanks for the help and thanks for letting people rant and sound like morons in the process. :0

Jds78- Thanks for the help.

crimzen dragon- thanks for the epic armor and helping me out in fable 2 with co-op stuff.

Jimmy Hova aka Mr fast fingers we've helped each other out in many many games. thank you

Patches4711- If you haven't played or talked to patches he is a very likable guy. Thanks for everything.

Hayden- thanks for sending me Idol Master live for you. That was the greatest game in the history of games.

Aussie boofhead-I love you Aussie mo fo's.

Big avs foot 19- Thanks for helping me in NHL 08, you are the hockey master.

CC99999- The dude that stood up for a lot when it comes to gamescore. He may not be as hardcore anymore, but that doesn't make him not exist. Thanks for the great deal on the PAL xbox and games. Also thanks for running a truly awesome gamerscore league.

Cracker AOD- You stole my best buy gift card. lol Nah, we had some good times playing tiger woods back in the day as well as other things.

DHC Basilisk aka fallen angles- Fallen has a great sense of humor but his taste in games is questionable. lol

tjayars-Thanks for all the tips and help.

Ruthless Remix- I know your done with xbox and all but club pc was fun. lol

NumberUno x360a- Thanks for making me sigs. :)

Marx0r x360a- Following in your footsteps you blogging legend. lol Thanks for the south park character on x360a. :)

Mclinton92- Thanks for the help in pure.

To those I may have forgot I'm sorry. Anybody that has ever helped me thanks so much.
To anyone that sent me a thank you message or a message of encouragement, I really appreciate it.

To haters: Even if you hate me with all of you heart I'll never hate a single one of you as much as you hate me. I may dislike you, but I'm sure 90% of you guys are not assholes in real life. Internet tough guy mafia

Thanks to these websites, Much love.






Now onto 400k and beyond

Gave birth to 300,000

Yesterday at 5:34 PM EST I finally crossed the 300,000 mark. I did not hit it on the dot as I got it when I finished the campaign of H. A. W. X. on extreme and got 3 for 180. That put me over the top at 300,003.

I would say this was the toughest hill to climb thus far 200,000 to 300,000. I feel a little worn down, but I'm still looking forward to raising the bar and challenging myself in new ways in the year to come.

I'm looking forward to getting 333,333, which is 1/3 of the overall goal

Thanks to everyone that sent me a message. I tried to send everyone a thanks that showed me some love. If you spent the time to send me a message, I figured I would return the favor.

I have so many people to thank but I'll save that for tomorrow.

For now I'm getting some sleep.

For those that want to call me out for not hitting 300,000 on the dot. Omega Deez aka Eddie Winslow says that's Urkel shit.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Highway to the 300k

Footage of me flying to 300k. I reckon I'll be landing there tomorrow. Hopefully H. A. W. X. doesn't glitch on Omega and I like it did on other people. Wish me luck.

Mr potato head can go to hell. He hates me in Yahtzee, he loves Possum though.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All your messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

Fai1 B0at Frank writes: when i die i will donate my xbox to you so you can build robo stallion

Answer: Robo Stallion would hump your leg

LeviAJones writes: congrats on breaking 500k on true achievements

Answer: Thanks man, I keep see-sawing back and forth. Trueachievements=Uber E-wenis

Dejected Santa writes: Sup dude, just wondering what you do to pass time grinding out long and boring achievements. I remember when I did 7 day survivor and Seriously 2.0 I watched like 4 DVD volumes of MST3K which made them pretty fun.

Answer: I read dumb messages and watch youtube videos of random stuff.

III 5T1NG III writes: I can complete your tag for 30$ and do 1k in any game i do not hex i am trustworthy and i am not lieing if you want proof let me no

Answer: If you actually make money this way go you. I for one would feel bad for taking money from retards.

ConnorAMAZIN69 writes: you are a ****** faggot, u sad cunt. go grow a dick and get a life u ****** no life dick munch.

Answer: :/

RFCxRobertx1873 writes: ur such a ****** nerd. GET A LIFE

Answer: How original

NachoTM writes: oh ma' jizz. k srsly... u r t3h cRaZy-eSt j00 i know. wtf is wrong with j00? u mak no sense in meh head brainz... its all like, rawr and grr. Oh My GoD I HaVe A HiGh gamerscore. i must be t3h 1337 at xbox worlds b-cuz of it.
r u a crazy asian kid?

MonkeyBoy2194 writes: How much gamerscore could you actually get from all the games put together, 289,468 out of ????. But that must take ages and get boring doing some of those achievements wouldn't it?

Answer: 296848 of 334445

JACKK1994 writes: Hi, I was on 1milliongamerscore.com and I saw you talking about achievements with the same names. It's just a hunch, but I think it may be "Pack Rat." It is an achievement on GOW2, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, Jumper, Crackdown and Penny Arcade. Later.

Answer: I declare you the winner until someone proves you wrong.

ThaHendrixLegnd writes: can u donate any games you have that you wont ever play again to me?

Answer: I'll send you all my HD DVD's.

carl o bot writes: what is your fav retail and\or arcade game

Answer: Retail single player: Fallout 3 Retail multiplayer: Halo 3 Arcade: Not sure, I like a lot about the same. Castle Crashers and Astropop come to mind.

MiN II Huggy writes: Why dont you play more german and japanese games ? For example The Darkness has 3 versions and same with strangehold!

Answer: Maybe I will down the line when there is nothing to play. There is a lot of games I want to play before I do that. Also, that gets boring quickly.

FrZt B1te writes:dude have fun breaking 1 million achievements cap at 350000 dumbass :p

Answer: Oh cool, you must have 350,000 then. * Checks gamercard see's 40 something thousand.* Who is the dumb ass now?

evilmonkeys123 writes:why the hell do u sau ur achievements are legit? there's no ******* way you got all those L4D achievements. You're addicted to hacking u doush bag.

Answer: Okay, your 100% right, it's impossible to get all the L4D achievements. Hundreds of people haven't done it also. :/

MxL PrEdAt0r writes: all hacks and gamesaves...congrats u noob...i have had an account with 1,121,937 gamerscore all hacks and gamesaves..lol u will get caught..trust me

Answer: Sure you did...

I Crush All writes: Since you are on top of the "LEGIT" leaderboards I had to ask your opinion on a game and if you consider it cheating. Fallout3 PC was hacked and found out to have a built in ability to unlock any achievement you want. Is this cheating?
2nd msg:I know you have not done it, that is why I asked. I hope you take the time to respond to me. BTW I am an x360a member too and there are a lot of conflicting opinions on it. So I wanted to hear yours.

Answer: From what I've heard it is basically a cheat code within the game. I've had many friends use this to unlock their fallout 3 pc achievements. It's not gamesaving, hacking, or account swapping. If someone wants to do it, they shouldn't get grief over it.

Chugachea writes:Dude your awesome! Wow... and i thought my friend had a high gamerscore =D On average how many Gamerpoints do you think that you get per day? Just wondering.

Answer: 246.7 gamerscore and 9.7 achievements per day.

Bobtroid writes: lol hopefully this question makes your site- How long have you been a Lakers fan and how did it happen?

Reini G21writes: What u gonna do if u reached 1 Million?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting closer

I still need 4,500 before I crack 300,000.

I did finish up Pure and Dead Space. I loved both of those games, Dead Space was crazy good. Pure, i'm not sure everyone will like it, but it reminded me of when I played SSX for the very first time back when the PS2 launched.

NCAA Basketball 09 was another one I completed over the last week or so. It took forever to get 75 online games played but Rand al turd and I got it done while having some fun. Illinois center #54 owns in this game, nickname Godzilla. So if you want to be cheap like Thor, pick Illinois every time.

Sega UGC was also conquered and I had a pretty good time with this. Not thrilling, but it was okay.

Street Figher IV is very fun, but why put a cheap boss like Seth in the game? Why Capcom? I think I'm around 500 points right now, I still need to finish a lot of the online stuff.

Shellshock 2 Terrible excuse for a game. I would say it's probably one of the worst FPS I've ever played. The good is that it is quick and easy. Stay far away if you looking for a challenge or some fun.

Fallout 3 DLC Operation Anchorage overpriced for one since it only takes like 2 hours at most. Not really Fallout either as looting opportunities are completely gone. I just wasn't feeling this at all. Hopefully the next batch of content is better. I think if it was part of the original package I would of liked it more. Coming back to a game that you love for what it is and getting something completely different was not what I was looking for.

Banjo-Kazooie I played this game on my N64 back in the day and I loved it. I still love it, the game really holds up well after all these years. This is well worth the money.

Eat lead I really enjoyed my time with it. It's a mesh of Stranglehold, Kane and Lynch, Army of two, and Duke Nukem. The gun play and cover system is on par of what Army of Two has to offer. I thought the game was pretty dang funny, a good change of pace.

Next up is Halo Wars and Afro Samurai. I'm still hoping to crack 300,000 by next Wednesday. One week so I highly doubt I'll get it done by then.Bold

Sunday, March 1, 2009

In the moment: Sonic UGC

In the moment thoughts of games while I play them.

Alex kidd: Mario look a like. A little strange looking dude that can kick cars.

Alien Storm: This robot character looks like the tin man and can shoot electric bolts. The graphics look like classic TMNT.

Altered Beast: I just turned into a ware wolf. Was this before or after Teen Wolf? I played this about 8 years ago, still stinks.

Bonanza Brothers: Eat door cop, eat door. The characters look kinda cool.

Columns: Crappy Tetris clone.

Comix Zone: Had high hopes at first, then meh. Well done turner. OH YEAH!

Decap Attack: Mario stole the jump in between two walls from this game....sorta.

Ecco: I just talked to a dolphin, sweet! I think I saw Leonardo DiCaprio's body under some wreckage.

Ecco: The Tides of Time: I can't figure out how to eat fish for the achievement.

E-SWAT: There are these big guys in the second level that do nothing but sit there, what is the point of them? They must have large E-wenis's

Fatal Labyrinth: I never found this type of game to be fun, even 18 years ago.

Flicky: My favorite game on this disc thus far. Who doesn't like getting chicks?

Golden Axe: Jeff Bells claim to fame. Was it this bad two years ago when it came to the arcade?

Golden Axe II: I thought it was much better than 1, this time I used the girl.

Golden Axe III: I can't say much about it because I just let the enemies kill me so I could use magic 10 times.

Kid Chameleon: My fave so far, braid stole this guys big head and look. Hockey mask ftw.

Sonic 1: Straight up classic, still looks good to me.

Sonic 3: It looks like crap compared to Sonic 1, I do like tails though.

Streets of Rage: Knifes, bats, chicks with whips, and knees to the gut. Still fun.

Sonic 3D Blast: Is this when it all went down hill?

Sonic Spinball: A lot better than I expected. Apple told me it was hard, apple is nub.

Super Thunder Blade: Not so super

Beyond Oasis: It seems like it would be a decent game.

Shinobi III: Not too shabby, True ninja skills is the name of the achievement which is a stretch.

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine: The last game I played and probably my favorite of them all except for the true classic games such as Sonic. Rand is nub.

Overall: I had a good time with Sonic UGC. I think for a price tag of $30 your getting a pretty good deal. They need a disc like this with Dreamcast classics. Powerstone on arcade please!