Thursday, July 30, 2009

A day in the life

GSL playoff Semi final round 1 day 1

All times are EST.

9:30am: Woke up and made some coffee...4 hours of sleep

9:50am: Popped in SBK

9:56am: Drinking coffee and checking the scores out...feeling a bit tired, didn't sleep well. Possum likes to take up the bed, need a king.

10:00am: Okay, playing SBK now, the MachiNes are up in both matches.

10:05am: Switches to Gears of War 2

10:10am: It begins....first ach unlocked. 30 points

10:25am: 3 achs : 75 points in gears 2..switches to Japanese xbox and Tomb Raider: Underworld JP

10:38am: 1 ach: 50 points. Switches To Time Leap

10:40am: I call this game swapping stuff "the Mexican Jumping Bean Style"

10:58am: Time Leap achievement and cherry popped. 1 ach for 100 points.

10:59am: Need more coffee, I'll plan my next move while I do that.

11:03am: Time for some Wall-E Korea..I guess

11:07am: Scratch that...hooked back up American xbox for gears 2.

11:22am: 4 achs unlocked for 55 points. About to play the deleted scene in co-op with possum

11:53am: 2 achs unlocked for 50 points. Franklin!

11:58am: 'splosion man time

11:59am: While the credits roll I shall eat

12:05pm: Had a bowl of basic 4 with skim milk. Got a glass of water. Continuing along with splosion

12:09pm: 2 achs unlocked for 20 points. onto Disney f-ing sing it :(

12:13pm: Lord help me

12:57pm: Na na na na, Na na na na yeah. Take that fro!

1:04pm: Making some progress. I will update achievement and point totals once I stop playing or switch games.

1:20pm: Finish up the 2 player stuff in Disney sing it HSM, just letting in run.

1:24pm: Needed another glass of water

1:33pm: My cat, Ms. Mittens digs Disney sing it.

1:37pm: Got ski-doo challenge in the mail. Back to actually singing songs.

1:46pm: More water

2:04pm: OMG, more water. I'm drinking big glasses, 12-16 ounces.

2:10pm: I think I may change my gamertag to Camel 83

2:27pm: Done with singing. Setting up gig mode to just let songs run. :) Got the volume on mute.

2:29pm: Time to use the bathroom and brush my teeth while this runs.

2:35pm: Done running those last 2 songs. 21 achievements unlocked for 790 in Disney sing it HSM. I am going to hook up my PAL xbox and play Brothers in arms HH GR

2:47pm: More water

4:06pm: Almost done with the rest of the achievements in brothers in arms, going to eat something.

4:08pm: screw food for now, I'm going to finish up Brothers In arms and then eat. I got a glass of Orange Juice to tide me over.

4:23pm: Stomach Growling

4:35pm: More water

4:39pm: Brothers in arms is taking a little longer than expected. I thought I was closer to 100 days played :(

4:51pm: Is getting pissed

5:01pm: Finally! I got 7 achievement in Brothers In Arms HH GR worth 385. *deletes from HDD*

5:03pm: Feeling a bit slothish (i don't believe that is a word) so I'm gonna have a quick exercise then I will eat. While I do that, I will have Disney sing it HSM songs lined up the the gig mode playing. So I have to hook my American xbox back up.

5:05pm: At least going to 340,000 today

5:36pm: Light exercise done. Had two more glasses of water. Did 120 push ups and 180 sit ups. Skipped out on chin ups due to lack of energy from not eating. I am going to eat and relax for a few.

6:00pm: Had a pepperoni pizza lean pocket and a big apple. Another glass of water. Shower time. I still have Disney Sing it HSM going on.

6:38pm: So fresh and so clean. Going to make more coffee. Disney sing it HSM is still moving along. I'm going to switch to something else soon.

6:49pm: Folding clothes

7:04pm: 2 more achievements unlocked in Disney sing it HSM for 100 points. I still need to do training and 100 songs played. Switching to Japanese xbox and Brothers in arms HH JP.

7:08pm: Having a cup of coffee. I need the boost.

7:09pm: I forgot to install Brothers in Arms HH JP so I'm doing that now.

7:16pm: installed. It will probably get boring real quick, especially the damn un skippable cut scenes aka developer raping the consumer time.

7:31pm: Getting raped by a cutscene, let me skip please

8:00pm: I got another cup of coffee, feeling a little boost.

8:47pm: Not bored yet, but thirsty. I gotta get more water. The cutscenes are still annoying the shit out of me

9:26pm: BiA HH JP froze during a cutscene more reason to hate them.

10:07pm: 21 achievements unlocked in BiA: HH JP worth 325. Gonna eat some dinner. Also, I'm going to hook up the America xbox and let Disney sing HSM run for a bit.

10:13pm: I might not make it to 240,000 due to 100 songs in sing it taking so damn long.

10:15pm: I have sing it set up for 5 songs. Chow time. Shrimp and brown rice. Will be watching fried green tomatoes with possum while I eat.

10:40pm: Still watching fried green tomatoes. Had a salad, cherries, and figs along with my Shrimp and rice. May pop in ski- doo soon.

11:49pm: 1 achievement unlocked in Disney Sing it HSM worth 100. All I have left is the tutorial.

11:52pm: Popped in SBK

12:01am: 1 achievement unlocked worth 50 in SBK. Back to AM already?

12:03am: Installing Ski-Doo. Going to get a vitamin 10 water and watch the rest of Fried Green while I wait.

12:22am: Back to sing it HSM for the final achievement.

12:35am: What time is it? Summer time, it's our vacation. I think the tutorial is the most annoying thing.

12:40am: 1 achievement unlocked in Disney Sing it HSM worth 10 points. The game is done, so I can delete this piece of shit off my HDD

12:57am: Feeling a bit tired. Going to try out ski-doo now.

1:45am: Not sure how I feel about this game.

2:21am: I guess I will make it to 340,000.

2:31am: 13 achievements won in ski doo worth 530. Not sure where to go next.

2:37am: I want to go to bed but I will get to 340,000 tonight.

2:39am: Installing ice age, blah.

2:41am: Another glass of water for the final heave.

2:46am: still waiting for the install. Going to brush my teeth while I wait.

2:50am: Playing ice age

3:17am: 2 achievements won in ice age for 30 points. Screw 340,000. I'll get you bright and early.

Totals: Achievments: 83 Gamerscore: 2,700 here is a better summary

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where in America is Stallion83 Winner

I thought it was interesting to see how this person knew my whereabouts so I'll share his messages.

Screw all your messages, you get your own post! Btw, Excellent choice for arcade titles, it's just to bad amazon doesn't have 'splosion man. You will get your Alien Hominid code today. :)

A day in the life

Tomorrow I will have a day long running blog of my achievement adventures and whatever else goes on. This will not be a typical day, this type of extreme gaming only happens a few times a year due to the exhausting and stressful nature. Follow along tomorrow if you want to. I'm not sure exactly when it will start. The night before the GSL playoffs is like a child's Christmas eve to me, so I'm sure that little voice in my head will say, "time to whore" when I know I should be sleeping instead.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where in America is Stallion83 Winner

And the winner of the Arcade game is.....

Mammoth congrats to you. Choose wisely. :)

With the answer of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Maybe you've visited pigeon forge or something? I'd like to know. A lot of you guys were extremely warm. How many of you picked up on the pool ball hint, 8 6 5? That's the area code of Pigeon Forge and several other counties in Tennessee. I'm just curious if anyone did since so many of you picked Knox county. I'm surprised nobody guessed a place that is not in the US.

The pool table clue that may have been a little tough.

So we have 2 down 48 to go. A long long ways to go.

Here is the map: (click or download for best results)

Look out for more videos and prizes in the near future. Keep a bedroom available also.

The MachiNe team makes the playoffs in H2H GSL

Console Heroes has been running a gamerscore league over the past 6 weeks. The MachiNe team is lucky enough to be in the thick of things which kicks off this weekend. Thursday through Sunday I should be scoring out of my mind. We go up against two other teams and the team with the most points squares off against a singular team from the other bracket in the finals. That would be held the following weekend. Hopefully we can make it all the way. There is no doubt that this will be a dog fight. It seems we've been the target all season and I don't see that changing. I will post the scorecards on here when it kicks off so you can follow the blood bath if you choose to do so.

I've been preparing by having a low dose of gaming, lots of water and bathing in methyl & butyl thiols (skunk juice). I recommend our competition do the same, especially the skunk juice part.

The MachiNe team is made up of myself, smrnov, tjayars, and A completionist.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 MP video

Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my mouth. I know what I will be doing this November. As if I didn't already know.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where in America is Stallion83?

This time it's your turn to guess my whereabouts. I am looking for the correct City or County and State. The winner will receive a 800 MSP arcade game of their choice. EDIT** Any 800 point game ($10) off of amazon marketplace. Let me be clear, their will be only 1 winner. If you get the city and state right along with 10 others, those 10 people will be thrown into a random drawing.
ATTN: The challenge is up and a winner is already declared.

Please include your answer and gamertag in the comments. Only comments on this blog will be accepted. Good luck.

What's this all about? It's about me trying to unlocking a single achievement in all 50 States.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All your voices are belong to me

If you thought it was safe to send voice messages instead of text, think again. Your voice now belongs to me.

You may need crank up the volume a bit for these. If you turn it up loud enough you can hear Possum in the background on the chicken video.

WHITEYMAN999 says:
S83:Nobody calls me chicken!

MilkWeEd x Jr says:

Killux5739 says:

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Earlier today I finally hit the one third mark or as close as it gets. No .3 achievements to be had so it can't be precise. Luckily I have footage of my journey so far. Enjoy.

The music is from the price is right cliffhanger game if anyone was wondering.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


While we wait for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, or the online shooter of your choice. Why not get a mini bite of online gaming with Battlefield 1943? At 15 bucks it has a good price point. Sure, it only has 3 maps with the 4th one unlocking once the community kills reaches 43 million (scroll down the page a little for the counter) The achievements overall are fairly easy to get. 100 online games played will take a good chunk of time since games last anywhere from 15-20 minutes. You are looking at around 33 hours to get the all achievements. A tasty appetizer while we wait for the the main course indeed.

UPDATE: Don't buy it yet, it is basically unplayable due to the lack of dedicated servers. Wait a couple of days.

Vissez Rosetta Stone j'ai reçu le français de Roues Chaud

No need for this garbage! I have Hot Wheels: Beat That French version for my language learning needs. My foreign xbox is now paying itself off. Eat your heart out Rosetta!

Un tiers d'un million ce week-end.

Allez achètent le champ de bataille 1943 sur le xbox la place du marché vivante.

Roues Chaudes : Battu cela!> Rosetta Stone : Aucun diggity sans doute

Monday, July 6, 2009

Milk does a gamerscore league good

I am having a good time in the Console Heroes GSL. In past gamerscore leagues I only had new releases to play so it was quite the task to put up points at a high rate. This time around I have a backlog of games to choose from due to slow play since I hit 300,00. I have been sticking to my swiss cheese method and it has proven to much more enjoyable . Overall this GSL has been a lot less stressful and I will probably be doing it again in the future. Gamerscore leagues are only fun if you have something to milk.

That is what I have been focused on for the past 3 weeks. The league runs for another 5 weeks, that is if we make it to the final round. Go machiNes!

My GSL history: W-L
Console Heroes/h2hgsl-2-0

I think this will be the toughest one to win.